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About Us

Team description.
we are a small team of developers. we're always learning new things about Linux administration hence software’s like my SQL PHP my admin and many more.

Short Description.
Linux administration is not a small part or it's not even easy, but we are trying to make it easy for the people so that they can use it without any problems. sometimes we set up their servers for them for example there is a panel called Pterodactyl and more. Or sometimes we just give suggestions like what hardware he should be used for what server or what are the needs of the client accordingly we tell the client about the server specification he/she needs.

What we do.
We set up the Alltype of Gaming Servers and panels for the clients most of the time because people are not familiar with the software there is much more software like a mail server, Pterodactyl, and cyber panel. we also show people how to use services like root servers VPS game servers so that they don't have any problems or if they have a problem we try to solve it on our end.

Aim of the company.
The main aim is to help people to make things easier for the clients.

We got inspired for this project because when we went to search on the Internet there were no direct solutions for some of the things so there was a confusion because all the information available on the Internet was for people who had at least a basic knowledge about Linux keeping in that mind people had created documents .but our clients sometimes we’re new to Linux so they did not know the basics about Linux or how things work on Linux .This was the biggest inspiration for us to start this project.

so this was it this was about us in a few lines for more info you can contact us business email